About the Founder

Hi! I'm Angelise and I'm the Founder of EmbraceBox. Growing up as a minority in my neighborhood, I was constantly trying to fit in when it came to looks by straightening my hair and I put my hair through the wringer in the process. I had no idea how to properly care for my curls or what products to use so I dreaded the process of caring for my hair. 

After college, I got fed up with the process of fighting my natural texture and decided to embrace the hair that was naturally mine. Doing some introspection, I realized that my lack of confidence as well as knowledge of how to care for my hair started during childhood and I wanted to be a part of a movement that would help young girls learn to care for their hair and make that process creative, engaging, and fun, rather than a chore. I'm incredibly excited about the EmbraceBox movement and I hope that you are too!

Let's get started

Finding curl friendly products is daunting especially since you have no control over what goes into store-bought products. Many products contain harmful chemicals such as: Sodium Lauryl Sulfates (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Parabens. Some "organic" products remove these ingredients, however they'll use other unnatural chemicals to ease product transportation and extend shelf life. What if you and your daughter could control exactly what goes into her hair?

EmbraceBox is a safe and fun new way to create hair products with your daughter each month. We simply send a curated bundle of kid-friendly ingredients and recipes for you to create products such as cleansers, conditioners, styling agents and so much more. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing exactly what goes into her hair without spending hours researching and measuring ingredients; we do the hard work for you. 

Show her how to be a creator today, so that she envisions a tomorrow where she defines her beauty, her way.